The Asian Menu Planner

The Asian Menu Planner

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Author: Master Chefs of India
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174367488


At last a comprehensive easy –to –use book on Asian recipes. This rather novel menu planner introduces the reader to some of the most delectable and popular dishes from china, Thailand and India.

The book is divided according to country and the recipes are further organized according to courses – each planner thus complete with starters, main, deserts and accompaniments.

The cuisines of china, Thailand and India are as diverse as they are similar. Each has its characteristic food, legacy of different historical pasts, and yet each is linked by its typical climate and the trappings that come with it, like coconuts, black pepper and red chilies. In each of the three food continues to be woven into the rituals of everyday life and the preparation, partaking and offering of food is a major preoccupation.

Each country has its own ways of serving and presenting a meal. In Thailand, food is shared from a common bowl, in china, everyone has small individual bowls and a pair of chopsticks and, in India, the north uses steel plates with raised edges (thalis) while the south eat from banana leaves.

So delve into the culinary mysteries of the Orient and plan your meals by choosing a starter from one page, the main dish from another and the dessert and accompaniment from yet another.


1. Soups & Starters

1. Crabmeat Seafood Soup
2. Hot and Sour Sharkfin with Chicken Soup
3. Sharkfin Crabmeat Soup
4. Wonton Soup
5. Steamed Prawns with Ginger
6. Sesame Prawn Toast
7. Vegetable Spring Rolls

Main Course

1. Stir – Fried Mixed Vegetables
2. Stir – Fried Beansprouts
3. Broccoli and Bamboo Shoot in Oyster Sauce
4. Spinach,. Black Mushroom and Babycorn
5. Fried Chicken with Lemon Saice
6. Crisp Fried Duck
7. Chicken Finger Green Chilli
8. Chicken Cashew nut Green Pepper
9. Chicken with Dry Chilli Sauce
10. Pork Coins with Honey
11. Braised Sea Cucumber with Crabmeat
12. Sweet and Sour Fish
13. Stir – Fried Abalone with Black Mushroom
14. Prawns in Garlic Sauce
15. Lobster in Black Bean Sauce


1. Vegetable Fried Noodles
2. Crispy Noodles With Sweet and Sour Sauce
3. Rise Vermicelli with Vegetables
4. Babycorn, Capsicum and Mushroom Fried Rice
5. Vegetable Fried Rice
6. Yang Chow Fried Rice


1. Ice Cream Pancake with Honey and Walnuts
2. Candied Apple
3. Szechuan Pancake
4. Toffee Banana
2. Indian


1. Reshmi Kebab Zafrani
2. Aloo Shirazi
3. Murg Makhmali Kebab
4. Sarson Ka Tikka
5. Murg Chandni Kebab
6. Tangri Kebab Haryali
7. Badam Ke Shammi Kebab
8. Paneer Sabut Dane Ka Kebab
9. Bharwan Shimla Mirch
10. Kebab – e – Chaman
11. Seekh Kebab Gilafi

Main Course

1. Aloo Lajawab
2. Bharwan Karela
3. Paneer Tawa Masala
4. Mirch aur Baigan Ka Salan
5. Daal Kandahari
6. Tandoori Murg
7. Murg Mumtz
8. Sarson Ka Murg


1. Kandhari Pulao
2. Chicken Biryani
3. Mutton Biryani
4. Naan
5. Pudina Parantha
6. Missi Roti


1. Chenna Payas
2. Phirni
3. Gulab Jamun
4. Ras Malai
5. Pista Kulfi
6. Malpua Rabari
7. Raj Bhog

3. Thai

Snacks, Soups & Starters

1. Por Pia Savoey
2. Satay Kai
3. Thord Man Koong
4. Som Tum
5. Tom Yam Koong
6. Kaeng Jued Woon Sen Koong
7. Tom Kha Kai
8. Tom Kha Kai (Veg)

Main Course

1. Panaeng Tao Hoo Kap Het
2. Phad Phak Ruam Mit
3. Phad Het Kap Met Mamaung
4. Kai Yang
5. Kai Yad Sai
6. Kai Phad Khing
7. Panaeng Kai
8. Kaeng Karee Kai
9. Patani Kaeng Khreo Wan Nuea
10. Pla Thod Krathieum Prik Thai
11. Hor Mok Thalay
12. Kaeng Phet Koong


1. Khao Phad Phak
2. Khao Phad Bai Krapaw Kai
3. Khao Phad Sapparod
4. Guey Tiew Phat Khee Mao
5. Phad Thai
6. Yam Woom Sen
7. Baa Mee Phad Thalay
8. Baa Mee Phad Phak


1. Met Khonon
2. Lot Chong
3. Asia Khrim Mapraw