Favourite English Rhymes       (DVD)

Favourite English Rhymes (DVD)

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Author: Appu
Publisher: Media Fusion
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788183006118


Vivid language, larger-than-life characters, colourful animation, humour, a world of make-believe, and lots of fun - welcome to the Favourite English Rhymes from the Appu Series!

In this collection, we bring to you 50 popular nursery rhymes, including the classics that you've grown up with. Encourage your child to develop basic vocabulary, as well as social and mathematical concepts with the help of rhyme and rhythm. Sing along or act out the nursery rhymes with your child. After all, listening is the basic step for any learning to follow!

Includes 50 Favourite English Rhymes:

* Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

* Ding, Dong, Bell

* Eencey Weencey Spider

* Goosey, Goosey, Gander

* Hickory, Dickory, Dock

* Hot Cross Buns

* Humpty Dumpty

* Jack and Jill

* Johny Johny

* Little Jack Horner

* Little Miss Muffet

* London Bridge

* Mary had a Little Lamb

* One, Two, Buckle my Shoe

* Pussycat, Pussycat

* Rain Rain Go Away

* Ring-a-Ring a Roses

* Three Blind Mice

* Twinkle, Twinkle....
* Yankee Doodle

* Georgie Porgie

* Chubby Cheeks

* Hey Diddle Diddle

* Old King Cole

* Little Bo Beep

* Five Little Monkeys....

* Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

* Happy and you Know it

* Star Light Star Bright

* Three Little Kittens

* Roses are Red

* Little Kitty

* Cobbler, Cobbler

* Early to Bed

* Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo

* ABC Song

* Good Night, Sleep Tight

* Five Little Ducks

* What are Little Girls Made Of?

* What are Little Boys Made Of?

* Rain on the Green Grass

* Little Boy Blue

* One, Two, Three, Four

* Handy Spandy, Jack-a-Dandy

* The Little Girl with a Curl

* Jack, be Nimble

* The Hokey Pokey

* It's Raining, It's Pouring

* Ice Cream

A Tisket, A Tasket