All Time Great Selected Short Stories

All Time Great Selected Short Stories

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Author: Khalil Gibran
O. Henry/Anton Chekhov
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Saki/Maupassant/Rajiv Tiwari
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 463
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788131010983


The names – Saki, Khali Gibran, O. Henry, Anton Chekhov, Maupassant – need no introduction. They are living legends in their field – stories written by them are immortal. They touched almost each and every aspect of human life.

In this collection of short stories we select popular writings of these authors. The stories are full of drama, emotion, enmity, thrill, romance etc.

Maupassant did his writings in French and Chekhov did it in Russian. But in this book they too are in English with all their regional culture, customs and flavours.
This master collection of short stories by universally acclaimed authors will prove a treasure collection for the readers.



1. The Mouse
2. Sredni Vashtar
3. The Open Window
4. The Story – Teller (Saki)
5. Mrs. Pecklatide’s Tiger
6. Cross Current
7. The Blind Spot
8. The Byzentine omletie
9. Dusk
10. Forewarned
11. The Treasure Ship
12. Tea
13. On Approval
14. Cousin Teresa
15. Task Holiday
16. The Romanacer
17. Shock Tactics

Khalil Gibran

1. Your Thought & Mine
2. The New Frontier
3. History and the Nation
4. Satan
5. Dead are my People
6. You have your Lebanon and I have my Lebanon
7. I Believe in you
8. My Countrymen

O. Henry

1. A Technical Error
2. Dream
3. Gift of the Magi
4. The Furnished Room
5. The Diamond of Kali
6. A Comedy in Rubber
7. Bexar Scrip No. 2692
8. The Guilty Party
9. Girl
10. What You Want
11. By Courier
12. The City of Dreadful Night
13. The Day we Celebrate
14. The Fifth wheel
15. The Foreign Policy of company 99
16. The Gold that Glittered
17. Holding up a train
18. Supply and Demand

Anton Chekhov

1. In a Hotel
2. In The Graveyard
3. A Dead body
4. A Classical Student
5. In A Strange Land
6. A Story with out end
7. Ladies
8. The Husband
9. In the Dark
10. The Lottery Ticket
11. Boys
12. An Adventure
13. The Kiss
14. Terror
15. The Shoemaker & the Devil
16. Bad Weather


1. Two Friends
2. Two Little Soldiers
3. The Horrible
4. The Mustache
5. The Blind Man
6. The Donkey
7. The Diamond Necklace
8. The Thief
9. A New Year’s gift
10. The Drunkard
11. The Vagabond
12. The Model
13. Dreams