Life’s Quest

Life’s Quest

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Author: Sadhvi Nidhi
Sadhvi Kripa/
Publisher: Maitri Charitable Foundation
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 172
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188795119


It is mostly expected that a particular effort warrants a particular reward but sometimes something completely different happens. Often ones expectations are very quickly met with whilst on other occasions there is an inordinate delay.

Why is it that some actions can give a prior picture of the reaction and some cannot determine any reaction? Such questions have left mankind baffled for ages.

The book aims to understand such queries and explains the force behind such situations on the basis of Karma. Its purpose is that of a searchlight which illuminates this unending journey of life marked with repeated birth and death.

It will act as a guide to enable one to tread those paths which were void of obstacles and any unseen dangers thereby acting as torch bearer to achieve the ultimate destination of salvation.


A quest for the meaning and purpose of life will make us want to know about the quality of permanence. The truth behind this lies in the knowledge of karma and the soul. The philosophy of karma invites us to discover this quality which is contained within each one of us. We have undertaken many journeys in life; but none can ever be as overwhelming and fulfilling as the journey to eternity. …



1. Wonder of this world
2. Voice of Karma
3. Authority of Karma
4. Profitability of Karma
5. Life’s Lighthouse
6. Kingdom of Karma
7. Pure and Impure Karma
8. Basis of Pure and Impure Karma
9. Touchstone of Pure and Impure Karma

Existence of Karma

10. Relation of Karma and the Soul
11. The Soul is Supreme
12. Process of Karma
13. Rules of Karma
14. Basis of Past and Future Lives
15. Karma seen in Impressions
16. Karma seen in Matter
17. Process of Progression of the Soul
18. Bondage of the Soul
19. Existence of Karmic Binding

Description of Karma

20. Cause of Karmic Binding
21. Innate Cause of Sorrow
22. Seed of Karmic Binding
23. Impact of Positive and Negative Passions
24. Fetters of Positive and Negative Passions
25. The Changing Face of Passions
26. Release of Positive Passions Difficult
27. Steadfastness in Love
28. Freedom from Passions

Nature of Karma

29. Karmic Binding
30. Process of Karmic Binding
31. State of Existence of Karmic Binding
32. Extent of Karmic Binding
33. Quantity of Karmic Binding: Pradesh
34. Quality of Karmic Binding: Prakriti

Kinds of Karma

35. Nature of the Eight Root Karmas
36. Knowledge Veiling Karma: Gyan Avarniya
37. Perception Veiling Karma: Darshan Avarniya
38. Feeling Inducing Karma: Vedaniya
39. Illusion and Delusion Creating Karma: Mohniya
40. Duration of life Determining Karma: Aayushya
41. Personality and Fortune Determining Karma: Naam
42. Status Defining Karma: Gotra
43. Obstacle Creating Karma: Antaraya
44. Intensity of Karmic Binding: Anubhag or Ras
45. Duration of Karmic Binding: Sthiti
46. Reciprocal Karmic Binding
47. Effect of Good Reciprocal Karmic Binding
48. Freedom from Bad Reciprocal Karmic Binding
49. Liberation from Karma through Reciprocal Binding

Rules of Karma

50. The Science of Karmic Binding
51. The Law behind Karmic Consequences
52. Experience of Karmic consequences
53. Individual and Collective Destiny
54. Uniqueness in Experience of Karma
55. Conditions Impacting Karma – The Law of Matter in Creation: Dravya
56. Conditions Impacting Karma – The Law in Realm of Karma: Kshetra
57. Conditions Impacting Karma – The Law in Time of Karma: Kaal
58. Conditions Impacting Karma – The Law in Intention of Karma: Bhaav