A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me

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Author: Swati Kaushal
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 338
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780143103516


Recently transplanted from the quiet, green suburbs of Minnesota to the bustling concrete jungle that is Gurgaon, sixteen-year-old Anisha Rai is determined not to take to the new place she must call home. While her irrepressible mom, Isha, thrives on the crazy juggling between a hotshot job and their new home, Annie—desperately clutching on to memories of her father whom she lost three years ago—plods through each day with as little enthusiasm as she can.
But it’s not going to work, is it?

Not when she’s discovered that her goofy childhood friend Keds has transformed into quite a dude and still remembers their first kiss; that she’s been severely infected by her quirky classmates’ zest for everything fun despite utmost resistance; that the H-O-T-T college-going theatre enthusiast Kunal wants to teach her a lot more than drama . . . And when her deceptively unassuming neighbours reveal hidden agendas, Annie’s life suddenly becomes hotter to handle than she could ever have imagined.

Deftly weaving through home and school and the secret places in Annie’s world, A Girl Like Me is an unforgettable story, crackling at every turn with the heartbreak and promise—and the breathless exuberance—of teenage life.


‘Ani. I say the name over in my head. Funny, how I’ve resisted it all these years, how l like it now … my abbreviated Indian name for my abbreviated Indian self.’
--- Praise for piece of cake

‘… fast, funny and thoroughly enjoyable’
---- Times of India

‘[swati kaushal] has cracked a tale that’s a fast good read. And she’s done it with flair’
--- Business Standard

‘There’s much to be enjoyed in this breezy, devil – may – care first novel’
--- Tehelka