Classic Cooking of Orissa

Classic Cooking of Orissa

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Author: Sujata Patnaik
Ranjita Patnaik/
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 91
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-8424-584-X


Present – day Orissa is a unique blend of the ancient and the modern. Alluring images of elegant Odissi dancers in all their bejeweled finery, sparkling silver filigree ornaments, suave Sambalpuri sarees, colourful appliqué wall – hangings, the flora and fauna, fairs and festivals, and above all, the temple art and architecture, have all contributed to the state’s reputation as a tourists’ paradise, besides its image as an important pilgrimage centre. Of late, the commercial and industrialization processes initiated in this state have been welcomed by investors from other parts of the country and aboard.

The culinary tradition of Orissa, its unique vegetarian and non – vegetarian cuisine, the rice preparations and the sweets, is the subject of this compilation. The authors have painstakingly chronicled the variety that the different regions in the state boast of, with their own distinct tastes.

Although the tasty and nutritious Oriya cuisine still retains its traditional flavours, it has also moved with the times. Cross – cultural influences have seeped in, and in the modern Oriya kitchen, the mortar and pestie co-exist with the mixi and the microwave oven.

This presentation of the culinary wonders from Orissa is enriched with numerous nuggets encapsulating the state’s rich cultural heritage.



1. Dahi Baigan – Eggplant in Yoghurt
2. Ambo Khata – Raw Mango sweet and sour
3. Potal Aloo Curry – Pointed Gourd and Potato Masala
4. Dahi Monja – Banana Stem in Yoghurt
5. Tomato Khajura Khata – Tomato and Dates Delight
6. Kakharu Phula Bhaja – Pumpkin Flower Patties
7. Plain Vegetable Fry – Cauliflower and Potato Fry
8. Ghanto Tarkari – Mixed Vegetable Curry
9. Habish Tarkari – Fasting Special
10. Postok Janhi – Ridge Gourd (Tori) in Poppy Paste
11. Panasakasa – Raw Jackfruit Masala
12. Santula – Mixed Vegetable Dish
13. Stuffed Egg Plant
14. Besaro – Drumstick Sour Curry
15. Chenna Curry
16. Sweet and Sour Vegetable Delight
17. Stuffed Bhindi
18. Stuffed Green Peppers / Capsicum
19. Sakara – Karela Sweet and Sour Curry
20. Sari Pithau Bhaja – Tava Fry
21. Coconut Patties
22. Plantain and Potato Cutlets
23. Ambilo – Mixed Vegetable in a Tangy Sauce
24. Dalma
25. Kanji – Vegetable in Fermented Rice Water
26. Poi Chalha Charu – Desi Spinach in Buttermilk
27. Saag Khata – Green Khata
28. Sajana Saag Bhaja – Drumstick Leaves in Moong Dal

Non – Vegetarian Recipes

29. Machho Besaro – Fish in Mustard Gravy
30. Macho Bhaja – Fish Fry
31. Machho Khata Meetha Ambilo – Fish in Sweet – Sour Sauce
32. Dohi Machho – Fish in Yoghurt
33. Chuna Machro Potropoda – Small Fish Baked in Leaves
34. Methi Mechho – Fish in Methi Leaves
35. Machho Ambo Khaya – Fish in Raw Mango Gravy
36. Fish Roe Tikkis
37. Muri Ghanto – Fish Head with Channa Dal Curry
38. Egg Fry
39. Pomfret Fry
40. Kankada Jhola – Crab Masala Curry
41. Chingudi Aloo Jhola – Prawn and Potato Gravy
42. Poi Chingudi – Desi Spinach and Pawns
43. Chicken – Mushroom Masala
44. Chicken – Mint Tandoori
45. Mansa Tarkari – Mutton Masala Curry
46. Fish Chops

Rice Items

47. Kanika – Sweet Rice
48. Lemon Rice
49. Bitter Rice – Rice with Neem Leavesd
50. Coconut Rice
51. Khichidi

Sweet and Savoury items

52. Pada Pitha – Traditional Oriya Cake
53. Dahi Bara
54. Ghuguni
55. Pithas with Coconut Stuffing
56. Haldi Patra Enduri – Turmeric Leaf – wrapped idlis with Coconut Stuffing
57. Pura Pitha
58. Khira Manda
59. Kakara – Semolina
60. Kakara – Flour
61. Pana – Sherbet
62. Chenna Podo
63. Coconut Sooji Ladoo
64. Arisa – Rice Pancakes
65. Pheni/Gaja
66. Rice Kheer
67. Rasagolla
68. Attakali – Rice Flour Halwa
69. Karamanga Gaja
70. Chitau Pitha
71. Pumpkin Cake
72. Mixed Vegetable Pakora
73. Onion Stalk Pyaji

Pickles, Chutneys and Sauces

74. Sweet Lemon Pickle
75. Hot Lemon Pickle
76. Hot Mango Pickle
77. Sweet Mango Pickle
78. Mixed Vegetable Pickle
79. Red Chilli and Garlic Chutney
80. Red Chilli and Mango – Ginger Sauce
81. Ambulo Batura – Dry Mango Slices Pickle, Soaked in Mustard
82. Ambulo – Dry Mango Slices
83. Mint or Pudina Chutney
84. Poda Tomato Chutney – Roasted Tomato Chutney
85. Coriander – Tomato Chutney