A Brahmin without Caste

A Brahmin without Caste

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Author: Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Saeed Naqvi
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 320
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129116086


In the contemporary world of razzle dazzle which in Andy Warhol’s immortal observation, provides everybody with fifteen minutes of fame, is there any room for a person like Rishi Kumar Mishra? Yes, there is. Hence this book.

Fortunately, a country more ancient than the hills will, in the ultimate analysis, always place on a higher pedestal what Mathew Arnold called ‘‘high seriousness’’.

The reason why this civilisation has survived the ravages of millennia is precisely because it has placed a high premium on the life of the mind. This ensures the durability of RKM’s legacy. He will not be in the spotlight; he will survive in the sub stratum of sensitive minds.

If all of this makes him a pedantic bore, let the notion be dispelled straightaway. For he was a man with a genius for fun, pranks sometimes full of mischief. He was a raconteur, a conversationalist who kept his audience of friends riveted with his intellectual range.

This man from a humble Brahmin family ended up advising prime ministers and those among the industrialists who rank as legends. He rose through the ranks as a journalist: reporter, correspondent, editorial writer and, eventually, editor of Patriot, the voice of the Indian Left.

He was among the first to spot the need for an independent think tank. That is how the Observer Research Foundation was founded.

Altogether in another league, he left most of his friends astounded with his knowledge of the Vedas. His four books based on his discourse with his guru, Pandit Motilal Shastri are a storehouse of knowledge.

Where will one find a man of such infinite variety? They have broken the mould.

Hence the book.


In the world, the loved one dies – or appears to die. Whatever is desired or loved that is merely conditional will inevitably die. One who observes this with true feeling and realisation finds what is deathless in others. True love is devoted to what is undying.


Foreword Saeed Naqvi


1. An out of the box thinker
2. Someone Really Different
3. Important Lessons
4. Memories Around R.K. Mishra
5. Growing with RK
6. Strategic Visionary
7. Discovering Mishraji
8. Reminiscences
9. A Multi – faceted Genius
10. R.K. Mishra
11. Is he Really Gone?
12. Some Memories
13. Guru and Friend

Diplomacy and Politics

14. Passion for Ideas
15. In Memoriam
16. Tribute to R.K. Mishra
17. Meeting with RK
18. The Profound and the Humane
19. As I knew him
20. Robust Realist
21. Self – Made man
22. Rationalist
23. The Personification of United Front

Public Policy

24. Seeking Anchorage in Indian Civilisation
25. Mishraji and Us
26. RK – The Privately Public and Simply complex Gentleman
27. Mishraji, My friend
28. ORF: The making of a Policy think – tank
29. The Man, his mission and his message
30. Uncle and his dream

Commitment to People

31. A Remarkable Person
32. Message from Human aid society, Kashmir
33. Friend, Philosopher, Guide

Understanding Veda

34. A Devoted Disciple
35. Mishraji’s Relationship with Avatar adi Da
36. Mishraji as Vedic Interpreter
37. His Last book: Not Unfinished?

Personal Reminiscences

38. Mishra Uncle: a Remembrance
39. Papa
40. Dadaji
41. On Mishraji
42. Mishraji
43. An Open House
44. Happiness!
45. In fond Memory of a Rishi
46. A Fine Human Being
47. He will Always Remain with Us
48. RK in many Dimensions
49. Having fun with RK
50. Panditji – An Enduring Enigma
51. Learning from RK
52. A True Friend from India
53. A Tribute to Mishraji from his Editor