Body Talk

Body Talk

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Author: Anjali Wason
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 256
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172239626


Real Girls Ask Real Questions About Life, Love and Everything in Between

Sex. Girls. Boys. Bodies. Relationships. Being a young woman can be confusing, but Body Talk is here to offer some clarity…
Are you afraid to tell your parents about your boyfriend? Do you wish you were more confident about yourself? Or do you just want to know how to flirt?

Body Talk features over 400 questions that girls just like you have asked across India; it brings together real voices from the real world, in which everyone is curious about life, love and sex. Packed with advice on everything from how to use a condom to cyber dating to sexual harassment, Body Talk is an essential guide for any young woman interested in understanding her feelings, her body and her life.


A Note to the Reader

1. What do I Look Like?
1. Self – Esteem
2. Body Hair
3. Skin Tone
4. Acne
5. Body Image
6. Eating Disorders
7. Gender

2. Getting to know your body better
1. Your Breasts
2. Your Bits and Bobs
3. Periods
4. Orgasms
5. Sexual Fantasies
6. Masturbation

3. Relationships
1. Being Single
2. Friendship
3. Crushes
4. Does He Like Me?
5. Unrequited Love
6. Relationships and Sex
7. Communication
8. When You’re in Relationship

4. You and Your F family
1. No Freedom
2. Sharing Your Life with Your Family
3. Marriage
4. Convincing Your Parents You Know What You Want
5. Living Life by Your Own Rules

5. Sexual Orientation
1. What Does Sexual Orientation Mean?
2. How Do I Know if I am a Lesbian?
3. What does Bi-curious Mean?
4. What do I do if I Think I am Gay?
5. Monica Mody with some Advice on Coming out what do I do if my friend/cousin/sister/brother
6. Tells me they are Gay?
7. Being Gay in India
8. Homophobia

6. Sex
1. Virginity
2. What should I do? A short story
3. Consent
4. To have Sex or not to have Sex?
5. Boys and Sex
6. A million and One Lines Guys Will Come up with to sleep with you
7. How to Say no to Sex
8. How to Say Yes to Sex
9. Sexual Activity
10. Kissing
11. Breasts
12. Rubbing Against one another with your clothes on
13. Rubbing
14. Fingering
15. Risks
16. Hand Job
17. Mutual Masturbation
18. Oral Sex
19. Penetrative Sex
20. Your Questions on Sex Answered
21. I Had Sex… and now I have some Question
22. Abortion

7. Protection
1. Condoms
2. Dental Dams
3. Today Vaginal Contraceptive
4. Female Condoms
5. Contraceptive Pill
6. Diaphragms/Caps
7. IUD
8. Emergency Contraception Pill
9. Abstinence
10. Rhythm Theory
11. Withdrawal Method

8. Sexually – transmitted diseases
1. Bacteria – based Diseases
2. Viruses
4. Vaginal Infections/Women’s Health

9. Sexual Harassment and abuse
1. Harassment
2. Street Sexual Harassment
3. Ragging
4. Abuse
5. Sexual Abuse
6. Rape

10. Resources
1. Acne
2. Self – Esteem
3. Body Image
4. Eating Disorders
5. Depression
6. Gender
7. Buying Condoms Online
8. Sexual and Reproductive Health
9. Abortion
10. Gay and Lesbian
12. Sexual Harassment / Abuse
13. Street Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

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