S. H. A. W.   -  A Love Story Against the Backdrop of Terrorism

S. H. A. W. - A Love Story Against the Backdrop of Terrorism

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Author: C. M. Nimbalkar
Publisher: Frogbooks
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 147
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789380154305


Captain Ajai Singh Ranawat and Alka are in love. When Alka's father, General Virender Singh, learns about it, he gets Ajai posted to Siachen and in six months' time gets Alka married to Bijender Singh Shekhawat, the son of a rich industrialist--- a typical case of money winning over love.

Five years on, Bijender learns that he will never be able to father a child. He convinces Alka to have a child out of wedlock.

Alka is distraught, but to uphold the honour of the Shekhawat khandan, she accepts Bijender's suggestion. She chooses Ajai to be the father of her child. Alka is blessed with a son. Six years on, the Shekhawats are on a holiday in Kashmir.

The terrorists strike. Bijender is kidnapped for a ransom that includes release of some hardcore terrorists. Ironically, Colonel Ajai Singh, who is commanding a battalion in Kashmir, is tasked with the rescue mission.


Part One: Introduction

1. The Manor, Munnar
2. Ajai Singh Ranawat

Part Two: Circa 1991

3. Six Years Back
4. Bijender Singh Shekhawat

Part Three: Circa 1997

5. Agra
6. Seventh Heaven

Part Four: Circa 2003

7. Colonel Ajai Singh Ranawat, Kirti Chakra, Sena Medal
8. Al – Amir Tanzeem
9. Holiday in Kashmir
10. Srinagar
11. Hostages
12. The Hideout
13. Ranson Demands
14. Ali
15. Families of Hostages
16. Lieutenant General Virender Singh Chauhan
17. Unified Command
18. An Evening with the Corps Commander
19. Ajai and Alka
20. ‘Kana’ (One – Eyed) Mansoor
21. The Kidnappers and the Hostages
22. Vital Information
23. Operations Room
24. Mandir
25. Uri
26. Kala Pahar
27. Change of Hideout
28. Ultimatum
29. Operation ‘Shatrujeet’
30. Plans go Awry
31. Shelter in the Mosque
32. The Plan
33. The Media
34. The Assault