Divine Values  -  Important Question-Answers on Religion and Moral Values

Divine Values - Important Question-Answers on Religion and Moral Values

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Author: Gyani Gurvail Singh
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Gyani Gurvail Singh
Publisher: Sikh Foundation
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 213
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178730387


From the book

All the religions are highest, purest and worthiest, reflections of human existence and these factors contribute to the wide liking of Sikh religion. The most blatant example of these phenomena is the increased conversion of many Americans, Jews/Christians to Sikhism.

In today’s materialistic world passion, lust, greed, anger and pride has taken a front seat but the basic theologies of life like devotion meditation, hard work honesty and self discipline has faded into oblivion; this has led to widespread disillusionment of the educated class.

This book has been written with a sole purpose to revive Spiritual thinking process among the young, with a view to improve the thinking processes amongst teachers, students, and people in general.

Gyani Gurvali Singh is a name to reckon with in the field of spirituality. He is the greatest admirer of world famous Sikh Scholar Late Gyani Sant Singh Ji Maskin and under his teachings, he has carried the realms of Sikhiosm further.
Gyani j, is well qualified in Sikh religious Study and in word religions’s philosophy. He has devoted many years to the Sikh education in Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School Mussoorie. There he has imparted valuable knowledge and philosophical teachings pertaining to Sikhism to the students. He is a true blend of modern techniques and ancient learning, as he has been imparting knowledge to his students through the conventional methods and has also utilized the modern techniques (like computer, internet, audio/video CD’s and projector) to the maximum so that students gain up to the fullest.
Gyani Ji has put in tremendous efforts in all his presentations and lectures which have been received with lot of love and admiration from the people all over the word. He has contributed plenty of ideas and ideologies in this book and we sincerely hope that he make his lectures and presentations available in the book from in the coming times. It will be truly beneficial for people and help them attain high spiritual and moral values.


i. Dedication
ii. Preface
iii. Author’s Note
Section A- Gurbani
1. Japuji Sahib
2. Reheras Sahib
3. Kirtan Sohela
4. Ardas
5. Shabads for Mukh Waak
6. Introduction of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji
Section B – Sikh History

1. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji
2. Sri Guru Angad Dev ji
3. Sri Guru Amar Das ji
4. Sri Guru Ram Das ji
5. Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji
6. Sri Guru Har Govind Sahib ji
7. Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib ji
8. Sri Guru Har Kishan Sahib ji
9. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadar ji
10. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji
11. Baba Banda Singh Bahadar
12. The Brave Sikh Heroes in 18th century
13. Great Sikh Warriors
14. Maharaja Ranjit Singh
15. Sikh Movements
16. Important Dates of Sikh History
Section C- Sikh Rahet Maryada and Philosophy
1. Gurmat
2. Briet Introduction of Sikh Philosophy
3. Sikh Attitude about modern problems
4. Non Sikhs views about Sikhism

Section D- Other Religions
1. Hinduism
2. Budhism
3. Jainism
4. Islam
5. Christianity
6. Prayers from different Religions

*** Special Thanks
*** Bibliography