Ragas in Indian Music   -  Presented  in Western Staff Notation

Ragas in Indian Music - Presented in Western Staff Notation

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Author: V K Krishna Prasad
Publisher: CBH Publications
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 755
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185381976


Ragas in Indian Music is an exhaustive reference guide for Ragas in Indian Music. Comprehensive information and equivalent of about 1200 Ragas covering various Carnatic ragas, Hindustani Ragas, Tamil Panns, and Western Scales are included in this book.

Information on Melakartha parentage, its svara notation, Equivalent Western scale, Staff Notation, The Tamil Pann relationship, Hindustani raga equivalent are some of the important information provided for each raga.

Each Raga is graphically presented with synonyms, Carnatic letter notation, Staff Notation, ABC letter notation, semitone intervals, sruthi bhedam, swarasthanas, varjya swaras, raga types, Western scale types, piano rolls and much more. An exhaustive master index on ragas, index based on different classifications based on Sampoorna and Asampoorna Mela, Hindustani, Carnatic, Tamil Panns, Kathakali ragas, Western scales, etc. Makes the book a very essential tool for understanding the raga concept as prevalent today..

The objective of this book is to present a good and quick reference guide for Ragas, simple and easy access to raga information and provide all information on different format in a single page.”

An essential and comprehensive reference source with information on any type of raga at your fingertips.”


Ragas in Indian Music
Indexes based on different Classifications
1. 72 Sampurna Melakartha Ragas
2. 72 Asampurna Melakartha Ragas
3. Hexatonic Ragas
4. Pentatonic Ragas
5. Panchama Varjya Ragas
6. Bhashanga Ragas
7. Nishadantya Ragas
8. Dhaivatantya Ragas
9. Svarantara Ragas
10. Moorchanakaraka Ragas
11. 4 Yazhs (Perum Panns) of Ancient Tamil Music
12. 7 Palais (Perent Scales) of Ancient Tamil Music
13. 24 Thevara Panns of Ancient Tamil Music
14. Kathakali Ragas
15. Western Scales
16. 10 Thaats of Hindustani Music
17. Hindustani Ragas
18. Carnatic Ragas