The Sikh Memory  -  Its Distinction and Contribution to Humankind

The Sikh Memory - Its Distinction and Contribution to Humankind

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Author: Gurbhagat Singh
Deepinder Jeet Randhawa/
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172054203


This volume is a preliminary effort to theorize the Sikh memory that through its pressures, anxieties and different ontology has emerged with a distinct way of remembering. The way lessens the traumatic effect of the disturbing “episode” or the encountered hegemonic moment. It is grasped in the larger meaning-world, called “intersemiosity”.

The whole creation or universe is inhabited by diverse species. No remembering is enlightening unless related to this interspecies reality. The extended “interspecific” memory will be not only therapeutic but also wondrous.



1. Cultural Memory : A Philosophical View
2. The Difference of Sikh Memory: Guru Nanak Dev’s Japuji
3. Locating Trauma in a Wider Meaning-World
4. The Dynamicity of Sikh Memory
5. The Sikh Ardas: Specific and Co-existential Memory
6. The Harimandar Sahib : Remembering in Heterology and Vismad