Japuji : The Spiritual Message of Guru Nanak     (English + Punjabi)

Japuji : The Spiritual Message of Guru Nanak (English + Punjabi)

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Author: Wazir Singh
Publisher: National Book Shop
Year: 2009
Language: multilingual
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788171165346


Guru Nanak calls himself a poet. Whatever divine revelation is made, was made by him through devotional hymns, and whatever spirituality is discovered, is through his inspired and poetic compositions.

His intuitive insight seems to have penetrated into the depths of Reality and preceded the philosophical formulations available in his works. He did not argue his case in a typical philosopher's fashion. He rather poured out his soul in sublime verses set to music. His vision was a mystic's vision, and the type of wisdom that can be learned from the mystical emotion, can well be learned from his compositions.

He did not establish a mystical creed; he recommended adoption of an intuitive-intellectual approach to metaphysical questions and tried to convince his fellow beings of the force and sweep of the reality experienced in his mystic contemplations.

The content of Guru Nanak’s compositions reveals the marks of a philosophic mind. He conceived the phenomenal process of the universe as one completed whole within a higher reality, which, he asserted, cannot be fully grasped or evaluated in human terms. He, however, did not divorce the reality of his vision from the truth of existence. According to him, the essence of the Supreme Reality permeates the entire phenomenal existence.

In accepting the truth of the external world, he ranks among realist philosophers; yet he would not allow the whole of reality to the world. Even a modern analytical philosopher would deny that appearance is the sole reality. Guru Nanak’s metaphysics holds this universe to be an expression of the hidden reality, and not merely a grand illusion or deception Man can know more and more of this expression, if not by intellect alone, then by intuition and direct apprehension.


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