That Calcutta  -  Those Bongs!

That Calcutta - Those Bongs!

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Author: Dipanwita Mukherjee
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 196
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129115430


Here is your best chance to know all about 'that Calcutta' and 'those Bongs'! A collection of short stories, this work will tell you everything you wanted to know about Kolkata and wonderful Bengalis.
As you flip through the pages, you will fall in love with the Bengalis - their habits, idiosyncrasies, crazy ways of life and of course, their delicious food! From the savory hilsa to the intrinsic rasogollas to a tinge of gandharaj lime, your mouth will water - that is how their culinary skills are! You will become a part of their world among the dadas, didas and thakumas. And at times you might go O' Mago! At their gullibility.

Replete with a witty sense of humor, mild sarcasm and intelligent irony, these stories will undoubtedly make you laugh, and at times, make your eyes go moist. Through these brilliant stories, triggered by real life incidents and inspiration, the author takes you on a memorable journey which one will never forget.



Spring Onion Greens
Eldest Brother's Wife
Gadara Lime
Small Change
Wrong Entrance
Night of Illusions
Has Mishtu Eaten Anything Today?
An Elegy to 'Boroma'
Sonadadu - A Defiant Memory
The Ice Maiden
The Piano
Buro Ma
Waiting to Go Home
The Psychological Level
Living to Eat
Cousin Indrajit
The Shadow
The Wish
The Dighi of Garh Chandipur