Zen - Yoga : A Creative Psychotherapy to Self - Integration

Zen - Yoga : A Creative Psychotherapy to Self - Integration

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Author: P J Saher
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 267
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788120808096


This fascinating and profound book of ancient, Eastern esoteric wisdom backed by the latest discoveries and experiments of modern science treats the health of the soul by showing the relationship between soul and brain.

Here is a practical guide to Zen-Yoga which can help to master suffering and harness latent powers. At a time when science is exploring outer space Zen-Yoga helps us to explore the inner space of the human psyche, to recognize within ourselves a new freedom – freedom to work out our own destiny with integral consciousness or the divine supra – Self as the light within.

This book is a cybernetic exploration of mind’s inner space leading to expanded cosmo-electronic consciousness.

Having shown the differences between Eastern and Western thought – processes, Saher explains how the sages of the East have acquired that source of wisdom and bliss which our misguided youth seeks vainly in hallucinogenic drugs.


“… a book to treasure…”
- Mary J.K. Stalwart

“…an authoritative book on a profoundly absorbing subject…Saher (is) undoubtedly a Genius, a ‘whole man’ to whom no aspect of the spiritual side of man is alien…”
- Prof. Zuzuki Okasa

“…nobody reading (this book) can fail to recognize that he is in the presence of a visionary genius who is at the same time the most erudite and learned author to write on such themes…”
- Earl P. K. Rutherfors

“At long last we have a credible book on spiritual states by an author who himself has experience those exalted states…”
- Yogi Raj Krishna, Himalaya Forest University

“…The author has initiation into deepest secrets of Tibetan esoteric Yoga, Saher is the Milarepa of our age…”
- Lama Tilku

“…Saher knows more about Yoga and Buddhism than any living authority…”
- Prof. Dr. Tarapore

“…his (Saher’s) books will bring Englightement to many.”
- Swami Ramachandra

“…Saher uses the most modern discoveries of science to confirm ancient Eastern wisdom…he is at home in both.”
- Guru Satyananda

“Critics rightly hail Saher’s work as the drawn of a new king of thinking designed to change the state of mankind’s future.”
- Principal Jackson

“This book grows on the reader as he reads… . This great work will stand the test of time, and can be recommended to all seekers after Truth…”
- Dean Ingersoll


Explanation of Illustrations

1. Mind and Thinking – and how both drift?
2. Drifts of the Mind and what they convey?
3. What is this Mind of Man
4. Do we think and how?
5. Must we sleep and how much?
6. The expanding Consciousness
7. Breathing and its relationship to Consciousness and life
8. Spiritual Planes
9. Avoidable Mistakes
10. The Centres and their Mechanism
11. Use of Free Will in Trifles
12. Correct Methods in Daily Living
13. Progress on the Path
14. Will – Force
15. The Internal Non-equilibrium of Centres
16. How can we restore the Internal Equilibrium of the Centres?
17. What is the Purpose of Life and Birth?

1. Pratyahara
2. Self-conquest
3. Understanding of the Laws of Spiritual Success
4. The glamour of Liberation from Bondage to the Ego
5. Yoga Sutra in the Light of our Understanding
6. The Five Gospels
(i) The sixty secret sacred Steps to salvation
(ii) The twenty-five Spiritual Sentences
(iii) Mysteries of the Higher Grades of Initiation
(iv) The Holy Concordat
(v) Devotion to Avatara surpasses all
7. Recapitulation


I. A few Questions answered
II. Practical Exercises
III. Celestial Influence or Intensities of Celestial Bodies
IV. What happens to the Resultant Intensity Finally?
V. The Neuro-physiological Basis of our Mind
VI. Practical Exercises