Stories from Jatakas (Panchratna / Amar Chitra Katha Series Vol 1003)

Stories from Jatakas (Panchratna / Amar Chitra Katha Series Vol 1003)

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Author: Anant Pai
Publisher: India Book House
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 31
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176081449


The Jataka tales, retold in this selection, will keep you amused while they show you how good ultimately triumphs over evil.

Stories included in this selection are:

* Monkey Stories
* Deer Stories
* Elephant Stories
* Bird Stories
* Jackal Stories
All living creatures die to be born again, so the Hindus believe. The Buddha was no exception. Legend has it that several lifetimes as a Bodhisattva went into the making of the Buddha, the Enlightened one.

The Bodhisattva came in many forms - man, monkeys, deer, elephant,. Whatever his mortal body, he spread the message of justice and wisdom, tempered with compassion. This wisdom - the wisdom of right thinking and right living - is preserved in the Jataka Tales.