Tava Cooking

Tava Cooking

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Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Company
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 72
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788186469118


The Indian tava differs from the Western griddle plate (which is totally flat) inasmuch as the tava has a light curvature which is not as deep or as pronounced as the curvature of the Chinese wok. Tava cooking tends to be on the healthy side as the quantity of oil stored in the tava is restricted.

Furthermore, the masalas are always cooked in oil and not eaten raw and the masala usage is also restricted. Another point is that because of the high heat used, bacteria get killed in tava cooking and the cooking becomes hygienic.

Tava cooking originated as a method of quick cooking on the streets of Delhi and Lucknow where the ingredients were cut in advance and kept ready and the dishes were cooked in front of the customers.

Apart from cooking vegetables, the tava is also used for cooking rotis, parathas etc. A variety of regional breads like the Gujrati puda, the Rajasthani chila and the Sindhi koki are included among the recipes in this book. The recipes in this book include both traditional dishes like pav bhaji and dosa as also non-traditional dishes like sizzlers. You can use your imagination and make many other dishes on this very versatile cooking equipment.

Readers my note that most of the vegetable dishes can also be prepared in a shallow frying pans.


1. Paneer Khurchan
2. Stuffed Paneer Slices in Moghlai Gravy
3. Mutter Dhingri
4. Mushrooms Stuffed with Paneer
5. Potato Amritsar
6. Khoya Mutter
7. Stuffed Bhindi with Cottage Cheese
8. Methi Paneer
9. Kovalam Mutter
10. Bhindi Kali Mirch
11. French Beans with Coconut
12. Urad Dal with Paneer
13. Kand Khurchand
14. Usli
15. Palak Methi Paneer Slice
16. Dhokla Bahar
17. Hariyali Dal
18. Mini Idlis in Coconut Sauce
19. Quick Tava Rice
20. Hariyali Rice with Coconut Sauce

1. Paneer Taka Tak
2. Vegetable Taka Tak
3. Paneer, Mushroom, Potato and Rice Sizzler
4. Appam with CocoCoconut Stew
5. Tava Mushroom
6. Tava Chana
7. Moong Sprouts Pav Bhaji
8. Methi Pitla
9. Rice and Curry Sizzler
10. Stuffed Cabbage Sizzler
11. Stuffed Capsicum Sizzler

1. Palak Aloo Paratha
2. Rice & Vegetable Chila
3. Rumali Roti
4. Chana Dal Paratha
5. Lachha Paratha
6. Pyaz aur Fudine ki Roti
7. Moghlai Roti
8. Kathi Roll
9. Jalebi Paratha
10. Curried Paratha
11. Charotar Puda
12. Cauliflower Paratha
13. Koki

1. Paneer Tikkis
2. Mutter Chaat
3. Spicy Potato & Roti Roll
4. Rava Dosa
5. Green Peas Uttapa
6. Misal
7. Dosa
8. Spring Dosa
9. Aloo Paneer Chaat
10. Crispy Bhindi

1. Paneer
2. Garam Masala
3. Chaat Masala
4. Quick Khoya