Improve your Memory  -  World's Fastest Memory Techniques

Improve your Memory - World's Fastest Memory Techniques

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Author: B K Chandra Shekhar
Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury/
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers/Vaibhav
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 206
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788183520775



“This is the only book, which comprehensively analyses the human memory system and systematically presents the techniques of memory programming with special focus on student’s requirements”.
- Rajrup Fuliya, ISA

“Science of Memory is well defined and simplified in this book”.
- Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

“Mystery of human memory system is revealed. It is an eye opener for all of us”.
- Rajesh Thakkar and Sucheta Thakkar

“This book enlightens unknown self to a well-known self”.
- B K Ashok Gaba

“Besides enhancing memory power, this book is also helpful to rediscover the real-self”.
- B K Asha

Salient Features of the Book:

- True Concept of Human Memory System - Why your desires are not fulfilled - How to realize your dreams and desires - Power of the Third Eye (Intellect) - How to memorise Numerical Figures, Periodic Tables, Chemistry, Biological terms, Historical dates, Vocabulary, Spellings, Name and Faces, Maps and Diagrams, General Knowledge etc.

This record breaking event by me proves the efficacy of the third eye and the role of Rajyoga in sleep Management.
--- B. K. Chandra Shekhar, Author
B K Chandra Shekhar with memory guru Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, addressing media after breaking Guinness World Record in Marathon category.
Comments on author by media on breaking the Guinness World Record of ‘Longest TV Watching Marathon’ on 22nd Feb, 2008.
? Record of a Cancer patient – watching TV continuously for 70 hours.
--- Amar Ujala
? A Never before attempt to make record of watching TV for 70 hours.
--- Rashtriya Sahara
? BK Chandra Shekhar, a student of memory guru Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, has broken the Guinness world record of watching TV continuously for 70 hours, previously held by a Canadian.
--- Hindustan
? A Sergeant did not get promotion in Indian Air Force due to illness but he decided to do something different and proved that nothing is impossible in the world if one is fully determined to do it.
---- Dainik Jagran
? By the inspiration of Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, who is already a Guinness World Record holder for two times, BK Chandra Shekhar, a patient of cancer, hepatitis-c and diabetes has set a new world Record of watching TV for the longest time, 70 hours.
--- Punjab Kesari
? The effects of diseases are on the body, not on the mind-proved by BK Chandra Shekhar who claimed to become the TV viewer for the longest duration by breaking the previous record of S. Jochem of Canada.
--- Delhi Aaj Tak
? With the help of will and mind power, BK Chandra Shekhar has attempted for making the world Record for watching TV for the longest duration.
--- Zee News
? BK Chandra Shekhar has made a unique record – the record of TV watching. Earlier this record was held by S Jochem of Canada but he has broken this record after watching TV for 70 hours.
--- Star News


1. I. Human Being (Not one but two)
II. System of human and their respective functioning organs
III. System of being and their respective faculties
IV. Requirement of Human body and being
2. Integrated actions by all the three systems of being.
3. Types of Being-Body (Inner Body)
4. I. Inner body and physical body relationship
II. Functions of Chakras (Energy centres)
III. Primary Virtues and Chakra Relationship
Iv. Awareness of self and Aura

5. I. Thought system of conscious mind (The Emotional Self)
II. Essential functions of conscious mind
III. Types of Thoughts and Emotions
6. I. Effects of thoughts and emotions on the state of mind and body
II. TEAM of conscious mind
III. How our mind and body get affected by TEAM
7. I. Mind and Brain Relationship
II. Types of Brain Waves
IV, Thoughts, Brain Waves and Body Relationship

8. Soul, Mind and Brain Relationship

9. I. Control System by Thord Eye or Intellect
II. Key functions of the Intellect
III. Methods of visualization by third eye
III. Why our desires are not fulfilled
III. How to get your dreams realized

10. Memory System
11. Menu of Subconscious Mind or types of impressions
12. Working laws of memory bank
13. Mindfulness (Ancient system of Memory)
14. Brain, Memory and soul

15. Power of the Third Eye
I-XVX. Examples of power of third eye
XVII. Changed concept of primary qualities.

16. Importance of memory techniques in education
17. I. Factors affecting our memory
II. Why do we forget?
III. Factors contributing for a better memory
18. Stages and laws of memory techniques
19. Process of Registration in our memory
I. Mnemonic systems of Association
II. Mnemonic strategy of Loci system
III. Memory technique of Link system
IV. Memory technique of Story system
V. Memory technique of Peg system
VI. Memory technique of Personalized Meaning System (PMS)
VII. Memory technique of Mind Mapping
VIII. Memory technique of Mental Filing System
IX. Memory technique of Comprehension Method
X. Memory technique of Mechanical Method

20. Registration Exercises based on memory techniques
A. Memorizing Numerical Figures
B. Memorizing Periodical Tables of Chemistry
C. Memorizing historical data
D. Memorising Biological Terms
E. Memorising Vocabulary
F. Memorising Spellings
G. Remembering Names and Faces
H. Memorizing important Ores, Regents, and chemicals
I. Memorizing Maps
J. Memorizing Long theory or answers in points
K. Memorizing Country, Capital, and Currency
L. Memorizing Squares, Cube and Cube Roots

21. Retention
I. Making lasting impression in memory
II. Effective Revision Plan
III. Using both sides of brain
IV. Adopting Alpha study Method

22. Recollection
I. Proper Registration
II. Remaining in Alpha State of Mind
III. Proper Sleep
IV. Stress Free life
V. Practising Rajyoga Meditation

23. Improve your Memory with Dynamic Neuronics