My Years with Apu - A Memoir

My Years with Apu - A Memoir

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Author: Satyajit Ray
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 148
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0140247807


The absorbing story of how one of the greatest directors of our time began his film-making career.

Writen in an impeccable style it brings back memories of an era when film-making was an art born out of a love for the medium and not merely a means to make money. A swift, detailed, precise, narrative . . The story and its many links still retain, as a powerful myth of artistic genesis, their freshness, and may have acquired a new significance with the passing of time.

My years with Apu prompts wistful thoughts of those other books on the other Ray masterpieces that remained unwritten at the time of the director's death.