For Salvation of Mankind    (English + Sanskrit)

For Salvation of Mankind (English + Sanskrit)

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Author: Swami Ramsukhdas
Publisher: Gita Press
Year: 2008
Language: multilingual
Pages: 251
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129301997


Several books of revered Swami Shri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj have been published in Hindi and some of them have been translated into English. He emphasises the fact that the only aim of a human being is to attain eternal peace or bliss or God-realization.

This book is the collection of twenty articles taken from different books which are invaluable for mankind. These articles are very useful for the followers of all religions whether they are Hindus or Budhists or Jains, or Persians or Jews or Christians or Muslims. This book is a good guidance for those strives who want to attain salvation or God-realization. Readers are requested to study this book seriously themselves and also inspire others to study it.


1. The Gist of All Spiritual Disciplines
2. Acceptance of Truth Leads to Salvation
3. Three Easy Paths for Salvation
4. How to Get Rid of the Effect of the World
5. Definite Means for Salvation
6. Attainment of God Who is Ever Attained
7. God can be attained assuredly today!
8. Something New
9. Who is a Striver?
10. Aspirant, End and Means
11. God-realization by Inaction
12. Discovery of Truth
13. Perception of immortality
14. Self-realization without the Feeling of Ego
15. Invaluable Advice for Strivers
16. Jnana (Knowledge) with Vijnana (Manifest Divinity)
17. We Are God’s
18. Only God Is Mine
19. Thou and Thou Alone