Love Stories from Raj

Love Stories from Raj

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Author: Pran Nevile
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 183
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0140252142


This selection of twenty-one stories of the Raj, written as fiction but all based on fact, shows a hitherto unknown side of the Empire.

The British came to India in search of wealth and power. But it was a man's world and women, especially English women, were few. An English bride for long remained an expensive proposition, costing a small fortune to bring to Calcutta, and was quite out of the reach of young career-minded officers and civil servants.

Driven by loneliness, lust or just plain longing, many looked for companionship among Indian women, or where the more rakish among them were concerned, the bored wives of fellow officers. But love in a hot climate could prove a fiery affair. One man, reduced to cringing submission by his native housekeeper-mistress, fled across the country to board ship for home, pursued all the way in a palanquin by the furious maid.



ONE : William Hickey and His Bibi Jemdanee

TWO : Reminiscences of a Half-Caste

THREE : Revenge of the Native Mistress

FOUR : Begum Sumroo's Escapade

FIVE : The Intrigues of Nabob

SIX : Reunion at Nagpore

SEVEN : An Invisible Attraction

EIGHT : Reminiscences of Shaik Ismael

NINE : The Captain's Betrayal

TEN : The Tank Tragedy

ELEVEN : The Deserted Husband and the Criminal Lover

TWELVE : Madame Grand's Great Passion

THIRTEEN : Marriage, a Take-in on Both Sides

FOURTEEN : The Faithless Fiancé

FIFTEEN : The Hollow Tooth

SIXTEEN : Infatuation in Middle Age

SEVENTEEN : A Marriage Made in Heaven

EIGHTEEN : The Compassionate Judge

NINETEEN : Lure of Money

TWENTY : The Grass Widow

TWENTY ONE : A Woman of Pleasure

TWENTY TWO : Sources