Quest for Truth  -  Original Letters of Vimala Thakar

Quest for Truth - Original Letters of Vimala Thakar

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Author: Vimala Thakar
Nithiya Kalyani/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Nithiya Kalyani
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 133
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788120833296


Essentially this work is a compilation of Vimalaji’s letters written to the author who had the opportunity to live with her and witness the rhythm-mic, pure, meditative life dedicated for the well being of the nations.

Vimalaji’s approach in dealing with the author – sadhaka is an education for all of us, in itself, indeed a practical education. An approach dealing with the particular mind-set of the aspirant but without the imposition of authority.

The letters, here, are arranged chronologically and have been assigned fitting titles which are quite expressive of the contents, beneficial to every spiritual aspirant. Most of the letters are in Vimalaji’s handwriting, giving it a feeling of closeness. They pierce the psyche of the readers, illumining our understanding and incisively and persuasively teach that the spiritual and eternal is to be prized above the material and transitory.


“For me, religion cannot be borrowed. For me, religious life is not impositions of theories or patterns of behaviour on oneself. For me, religion is not grafting the experiences of other persons, however holy they might, dead or alive on our psyche. It’s not imposition of foregone conclusions.”

“It’s a personal discovery of truth of life; personal discovery of the live that life is; personal discovery of the intelligence, that is the Grace of Life, the harmony, that is the Grace of Divinity.”

“Personal discovery of truth is the essence of religion. And the religious person is one who in his or her humility has fearlessness to live the Truth, come what may.”
- Vimala Thakar



I an with you
Truth Life Divine
Love Life and Relax
A Turning Point in One’s Life
Though Mechanism is nothing but the Human Past
Vimala’s Residence
Loving Concern
What’s Inside Comes Out!
Beware of Your Mind
Listening is an Art!
Understanding is the Beginning of Life
Factual Proof of the Movement of Meditation
Social Activist
The Law of Love-My Presence is there in Any Part of the Globe
Don’t Pollute Your Innocency
Co-relate Your Understanding to Daily Life
At Cross-roads
Joy of a Teacher
Act of Giving up can be Ego-centered
Divine Vigilance
Invitation to Madhavapur
Strange that you Love to Bring Gifts but…
Is it not Grace?
The Decision is yours
Unconditional Freedom the Only Way
Guru Purnima
Solitude, Silence Vitalize the Nerves
One’s Response
A Lesson Learnt
Lives as a Witness of the Leela!
Be Rooted in the Atman….
Peace Award for Sri Ramakirishna Mission
Acceptance of Authority Incompatible with Unconditional Freedom
The Ways of the Divinity are Beyond Human Mathematics and Logic
Sri Ramana’s Grace
Saint is a Mirror
No Question of Sparing
Silence – a Way of Living
The Dimension of Effortlessness
Health Concern
Verificatin Through the Act of Living
Request for Message for Sri Lankans
Effort-free Receptivity
Traditional Mind-set
Shanti Nilayam
Why Wander
May Learning Never End
Transformation has no Pattern
Direct Perception Renders the Past Irrelevant
International Festival of Friendship
One Need to Analyze and Reflect
The Legacy of Swami Vivekananda
A Tip for Healing
Live in Peace and Bliss
The Confluence
Disciple of One’s Own Understanding
Authenticity not Authority
Vimalaji Shares
Grace of Divine
Welcome to Smt. Kanakammal
What is Understanding?
Living IT, is the Key!
Maturity of Inquiry
Relating to Nature with Respect and Love
Her Presence is There Always
Blessed is he

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