The Threat to Reason

The Threat to Reason

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Author: Dan Hind
Publisher: Navayana
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 198
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189059149


The Threat to Reason is a vital defence of the Enlightenment as a democratic force against state and corporation and a striking atheist attack on 'fundamentalist' atheists such as Richard Dawkins.

Today, media commentators, intellectuals and politicians declare that western science and rationally are threatened by irrational enemies. Evangelicals, postmodernists and Islamists are on the march, they say. The Rome that science built is under siege. But there's a problem with these stirring attempts to defend the truth.

They aren't true. In this urgent new book, Dan Hind confronts the great machinery of deception in which we live, and which now threatens to destroy our civilization. In particular, he takes to task a group of prominent intellectuals who have exaggerated the threat posed by the so-called forces of unreason-religion, postmodernism and other 'mumbo-jumbo'. The commentators, says Hind, distract us from much more pressing threats to an open democratic society based on freedom of speech and inquiry.

This book shows that the real threats to reason aren’t wacky or foreign or stupid; they reside in our state and corporate bureaucracies-and, one way or state and corporate bureaucracies-and, one way or another they probably pay your salary. In recovering the idea of Enlightenment, Hindi explores its vital importance and reveals how it can help us to achieve a truly democratic politics, in which we have a genuine say in the decisions that are taken on our behalf.



1. The Party of Modernity
2. What Was Enlightenment?
3. The Menace in the East
4. Faith vs Reason
5. The Threat to Science
6. Postmodernism and the Assault on Truth
7. An Actually Existing Infamy
8. An Enlightened Method

Afterword and Acknowledgements