The Panchatantra : Three Brothers and the Flower of Gold

The Panchatantra : Three Brothers and the Flower of Gold

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Author: Sampurna Chattarji
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: Siddharth Chaturvedi
Publisher: Scholastic
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 145
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818477026X


“The funniest or rather eleverest thing about our Master’s stories was the way they fitted one inside the other, growing smaller and smaller till there was no room for more. Except, in our Master’s stories, there was always room for more…”

Just as Vishnu Sharma’s enriching tales hooked the three young princes in the traditional Panchatantra, you will be drawn into this modern, fun and bold rendering of that timeless classic.

Sampurna Chattarji weaves both familiar and unfamiliar stories together to make a complex, colourful and compelling new tale, told in the voices of the young boys, who are brought to life as never before.

Structurally close to the original, she imbues the narrative with humour and vitality. The result is the first complete Panchatantra for children relevant, real and right for the twenty-first century.


I. Something to Live or Die By
II. The Secret Signs of friendship
III. Words Hurt More Than Weapons
IV. The Power of the Old Language
V. The Best, the Richest, the Most Secret Treasure of All