The Age of War  -  The United States confronts the world

The Age of War - The United States confronts the world

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Author: Gabrial Kolko
Publisher: Viva Books
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 198
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8130904187


In this comprehensive, succinct —and provocative —overview of the last five decades of US foreign policy, Gabriel Kolko gives special emphasis to the period since 2000. Kolko argues that, as dangerous as the Cold War era was, we face far more instability and unpredictability now; the international environment is qualitatively more precarious than ever.

Ranging from the Vietnam War to the war in Iraq, he critically appraises US responses to a world of complex new challenges. The result is a book with a unique voice. Sure to capture the attention of readers concerned with the troubled world we live in, The Age of War will also stimulate classroom discussion, serving as a powerful pedagogical tool.


“A brilliant and important book; I cannot speak too highly of it….Kolko provides an indispensable account of what happens when a state’s limitless global ambitions refuse to submit to the realities of its power. The lessons are sobering, but they must be learnt if this century is to avoid the scars of war that disfigured its predecessor.”
- SCOTT BURCHILL, Deakin University



1. Warfare at an Impasse: The Road to Vietnam
2. Prelude to Permanent Crises: The Background
3. The World Comes Apart: The 1990s
4. The Twenty-First Century: The United States and War on the World
5. Things Go Wrong: The United States Confronts a Complex World
6. Conclusion: The Age of Perpetual Conflict

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