Glorious Garhwal

Glorious Garhwal

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Author: Ganesh Salil
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174360158


This anthology brings together writings by early British travelers to the Garhwal exploring the rugged mountains.


History of Garhwal by E T Atkinson
Eternal Himalayas by Lt. F White
Wanderings in India by John Lang
Raja Wilson by Ganesh Saili
The Garhwal Himalayas by Mountaineer
Outbreak of the Goorkha War by G R C William
Hindu Koh by Maj. Gen. D Macintyre
The Valley of Flowers by Frank Smythe
The Road to Badrinath by Ruskin Bond
Mysterious Roop Kund by Ganesh Saili
Trespasser to Nanda Devi Sanctuary by Bill Aitken
Epilogue by Jim Corbett

Early British travelers to the Garwhal were invariably government officials out on a tour after the Gorka war or intrepid soldiers exploring the rugged mountains. This anthology brings together writing by men like Pahari Wilson, the English freebooter who married and settled down with a local girl, and Jim Corbett, the Shikari who stalked man-eating leopards and lived to tell the tale. Contemporaries like Ruskin Bond, the honorary Garhwali, and Bill Aitken carry on the tradition in a Homeric quest that is never really over, specially when the quest is an end in itself.

EDITOR: Born in Mussourie in 1948, Ganesh Saili's love for Garhwal has taken him to the remote corners of this famed land of the Gods. For over three decades he has researched and trekked the high mountains while capturing in words and on film the all-defying beauty of these regions.

Saili is settled in Mussourie, where he teaches English and American Literature at the local post-graduate college.