Music For Deep Meditation     (Music CD)

Music For Deep Meditation (Music CD)

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Author: Vamanan
Publisher: Geethanjali
Year: 2008
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): SA 454


Indian classical music has deep spiritual roots and is traced to the Sama Veda. The contemplative playing of ragas has the natural effect of inducing meditative states of mind.

In this special album, choice morning ragas full of mood and mellowness evoke a sense of tranquility and repose. The instrument used to create the necessary effect is the sur bahar, which has a deep and serene sound. The caressing waves of the beautiful ragas played in this album create peace in the mind and lull the thoughts into a meditative trance.

Music for Deep Meditation will help you focus and ease into the contemplative state.

This Music CD carries following Tracks:

1.Komal Rishab Asawari Aalap
2.Bibhas Aalap
3.Ahir Bhairav Aalap
4.Charukesi Aalap
5.Charukesi Jhana
6.Mishra Shivaranjani Dhun Dadra