Churchill on Leadership

Churchill on Leadership

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Author: Steven F Hayward
Publisher: East West Books
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 202
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186852247


This book is a must reading for today's business leaders and Entrepreneurs.

This remarkable book examines, for the first time, Churchill's executive side. Here he's portrayed not as a mythic historical figure but rather as a role model for today's executives and managers. With wit and insight, historian Steven Hayward reveals Churchill's secrets for business success - from assembling and inspiring a first-rate team to preparing a wise budget, from communicating a vision to structuring effective meetings, from acting decisively to rebounding from failure. Hayward concludes each Chapter with a brief summary of the extraordinary lessons learned.

Leadership is a quality more often evoked than defined by business writers. Not so here: By examining the life and work habits of one of the century's most notable leaders, Steven Hayward helps turn this slippery concept into more specific guidelines for business practice. History buffs will enjoy this unusual take on Churchill, while business readers will get the drama of history alongwith some useful advice. Churchill was the greatest of managers and leaders in that most trying of management tasks - conducting a nation through war. With insight, force, and clarity, Steven Hayward reveals great lessons for management and for living from Churchill's words and deeds.Steven Hayward's fascinating book, brilliantly conceived and written, makes Churchill's timeless genius accessible to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, government officials, teachers, and students.