Ram  -  Prince of Ayodhya       (DVD in English, Hindi, Bengali & Tamil)

Ram - Prince of Ayodhya (DVD in English, Hindi, Bengali & Tamil)

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Author: Neel
Publisher: Times Music
Year: 2007
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): MDVRM 001E


The warrior king Lord Ram comes alive in an animated series that showcases five fascinating stories from his life. The stories share with us the glorious qualities of Ram, about his valour and humility towards the Gods and his subjects alike.


RAM BREAKS THE BOW: This story tells us about the incident where Ram breaks Shiva’s bow and wins Sita’s hand in return.

THE UNTOUCHABLE DEVOTEE: Lord Ram visits Shabri, his untouchable devotee and makes her restore the water of the village well by taking a bath from it.

PATIENCE OVER POWER: When Ravan abducts Sita and Ram goes to rescue her, he finds Varun, the Sea God not co-operating with him. But Ramdoes not lose his temper and patiently waits for Varun to make way.

KAAKAASUR THE CROW: This story dates back to the time of Ram’s exile in Chitrakoot and how Kaakaasur, the crow loses his right eye.

THE END OF RAVAN: In order to become immortal, Ravan takes a potion of amrit. During his final war with Ram, he is beheaded several times, but a new head keeps cropping up. Finally Ram shoots an arrow at his chest, destroys the amrit vessel which kills the mighty Ravan.