Bombay Rains : Bombay Girls

Bombay Rains : Bombay Girls

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Author: Anirban Bose
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 453
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172236830


When Adi – a small-town eighteen-year-old with a giant inferiority complex– lands a chance to study medicine in big, bad Bombay, he is overjoyed. Although plagued by the thought that his success is a fluke and hence ill gotten, he plunges headlong into the sights and sounds of this dazzling city.

Adi's initiation into college life isn't the most promising — a night of ragging by a bunch of sniggering seniors brings him and his equally vulnerable batch mates close to tears. But gradually, he finds his feet in the new world and makes friends with a motley crew: Pheru, Harsha, Rajeev, Sam and Toshi. It isn't long before they, and the rest of his class, much to his surprise, start looking up to him as a natural born leader. Somewhere along the way to accepting the challenge of this new role and learning the mysteries of the human anatomy, he also has his heart broken and falls in love — in that order.

Then, just when life is beginning to look good, tragedy strikes, and Adi gets caught in an emotional vortex he must struggle to make sense of. Are principles more important than friendship? Does a student of medicine have the luxury of fighting personal battles while patients' lives are at stake? Adi knows that it is only when he resolves these questions for himself that he will be able to hold on to all the things close to his heart.


‘A Sparkling, Humorous and Thought-Provoking Read.’
-The Times of India

‘Packed with a hauntingly tender story and a strikingly subtle language, the campus novel turns out to be a kind of book one wouldn’t part with.’
-Sahara Times

‘…Bose’s debut novel is far better than any of the previous books in this genre.’
-Business world

‘[Bose] has a story to tell and he makes it gripping.’ – DNA

‘Read it for those good old college days when there were no simple answers but life was still simpler.’
-Financial Express

‘A sparkling, humorous and thought-provoking read.’
-The Times of India