On Sikh Identity

On Sikh Identity

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Author: Birendra Kaur
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172052545


The present volume is a compilation of articles, which relate, directly or indirectly, to Sikh identity. While internal identity has seldom been questioned, it is the external Sikh from that attracts attacks from critics. Unshorn hair and beard being the most visible features are the special targets. So long as the Sikhs retain external form, there is no danger to their identity.

There are vested interests, however, that has never relished the Sikh movement and wants to see this brave community, created by the Gurus, assimilated into the anonymity of the barefaced majority. They bring out from time to time articles ridiculing the bearded man in the press which can mislead Sikhs as well as non-Sikhs. It is necessary, therefore, to respond to such attacks to keep the record straight. Hence some of the articles in his book.

The guiding principle of the Sikh religion is to follow the Divine Will, or to live in tune with the laws of nature. Human body is the greatest gift of God to man, and therefore, sacred. No part of the body designed by God is superfluous. Biology tells us that human hair is as much a part of the body as any other organ. Tampering with it is a violation of its sanctity, and can be done only at the cost of functions associated with it.



1. Where Freedom is
2. Khalsa: The Universal Being
3. Insight and Foresight
4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
5. Where the Environment Begins
6. Grow Grey Gracefully
7. What’s in a Word
8. Just Don’t Do It!
9. Long Live Langar
10. What’s in a Surname?
11. Human Hair: A Biological Necessity
12. Do W Need Facial Hair?
13. A Hairy Tale
14. Beard Tickles Vanity
15. 5Ks: Not Mere Symbols
16. Strike a Balance
17. Gurdwarea Legislation
18. On Operation Bluestar
19. History Beckons US