Is India Civilized?  -   Essays on Indian Culture

Is India Civilized? - Essays on Indian Culture

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Author: Sir John Woodroffe
Publisher: Indica Books
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 225
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186569812


In this small book taking excuse on the view of an English writer that India was not a civilized country, the author writes a strong and passionate defence of India and its culture, exposing the principles that made her civilization. In an epoch where criticism of India was widespread in the Western world, and imitation of English culture was predominant among the Indian elite, Woodrofe encourages India to follow her own tradition and ways.

Ninety years after the publication of this book, in spite of the changed political and social environment, it surprises us to see how much alive are his words, and to how much an extent they are still valid for the India of today.



I. Civilization and Progress
II. East and West
III. What is Culture?
IV. Conflict of Cultures
V. Competition, Concert, Sacrifice
VI. Cultural Attack on India
VII. An Example
VIII. A Reply
IX. Bharata Dharma and the Common Principles of Indian Civilization
X. Brahmanism
XI. Self-Expression
XII. Sa,skara as the Root of Indian Culture
XIII. Some Conclusions

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