Between the Assassinations

Between the Assassinations

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Author: Avavind Adiga
Publisher: Picador India
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780330450546


Kittur is on India's south-western cost, in between Goa and Calicut - a small, undistinguished every town. Here an illiterate Muslim boy working at the train station finds himself tempted by an Islamic terrorist; a Dalit bookseller is arrested for selling a copy of The Satanic Verses; a rich, spoiled, half-cast student decides to explode a bomb in college; a sexologist has to find a cure for a young boy with a mysterious disease that may be AIDS. Across class, religion, occupation and preoccupation, Kittur is mapped. What emerges is the moral biography of an Indian town in the seven year-period between the assassinations of Prime Minister Gandhi and her son Rajiv.

With the catographer's precision and the novelists humanity Aravind Adiga composes a group portrait of ordinary Indians in a time of extraordinary transformation. Keenly observed and finely detailed, Between the Assassinations is a triumph of the voice and imagination.

Praise for The White Tiger

‘Compelling, angry, and darkly humorous, The White Tiger is an unexpected journey into a new India. Adiga is a talent to watch.’ Mohsin Hamid

‘An Indian novel that explodes the cliches’
The Independent on Sunday

‘An extraordinary and brilliant first novel…remarkable’
The Sunday Times