The Winner Stands Alone

The Winner Stands Alone

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Author: Paulo Coelho
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Margaret Jull Costa
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 373
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780007318681


The bestselling international author of The Alchemist returns with another haunting novel a thrilling journey into our enduring fascination with fame, fortune and celebrity.

Profound meditation on personal power and innocent dreams that are manipulated or undone by success, The Winner Stands Alone is set in the exciting worlds of fashion and cinema. Meet the players and posers behind the scenes at Cannes the ‘Superclass’ of producers, actors, designers and supermodels, as well as the aspiring starlets, has-been stars and jaded hangers-on.

Adroitly interweaving the characters connected stories, Paulo Coelho uses his twelfth novel to paint an engrossing picture of a world overrun by glamour and excess, and shows us the possibly dire consequences of our obsession with fame. As the novel unfolds, the conflict between an individual’s capacity for evil and society emerges, and morality begins to unravel.

He is following a dream of love.

Igor Malev has one thing on his mind his ex-wife. He’s handsome, rich and effortlessly personable but she left him for a successful fashion designer, a sting he’s never recovered from.

So he travels to the glamorous Cannes International Film Festival where they’ll be appearing, intent on winning her back. There amid the luxury and excess of the new Superclass the ultimate winners in the hedonistic game of modern life he begins a 24 hour campaign of extraordinary violence.

For Igor is a man of rare intensity and cold intelligence, and his is to be no ordinary reconciliation. Because he made a promise to destroy whole worlds to get to his beloved.

And he always keeps his word.

Paulo Coelho’s writing has inspired, intrigued and entertained many millions of people around the world. With the Winner Stands Alone he has brought his remarkable gift for storytelling to the darker side of celebrity, wealth and excess and how the world we live in can distort the truth in our hearts.