Ibn Battuta - Travels in Asia and Africa:  1325 - 1354

Ibn Battuta - Travels in Asia and Africa: 1325 - 1354

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Author: H A R Gibb
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 2004/2007
Language: English
Pages: 398
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817536/3320


First published by Roultedge and Kegan Paul, London , in 1929, in the series The Broadway Travelers, this new edition has been freshly translated and selected with an introduction and notes.

This book is an account of the journey of Abu Abdullah Mohammed (1304-1358), of the family with the name Ibn Battuta. The author has explained the habits, customs and rituals of the people with whom he came in contact with. Though Ibn Battuta's interest was in religion and theology, but he has presented a very good view of that period by his writing.

This would be a great help to historians and researchers. It is also a very good travelogue.