Unforgettable Romantic Folklore of Punjab   (Music CD)

Unforgettable Romantic Folklore of Punjab (Music CD)

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Author: Narinder Biba
Several artistes/
Contributor(s)/Artiste(s): Birchand Gopi/Faqir Singh Faqir/Mohini Narula
Publisher: RPG/Saregama
Year: 2008
Language: Punjabi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CDNF 140579


For centuries, Punjab’s rich tradition of romantic ballads were imbibed through the ‘Little tradition’ from word of mouth and handed down from generation to generation. It took a legendary stalwart like Narinder Biba to introduce the concept of operas in Punjabi music by singing these Kissa-Sahitya in the early 1970’s:

By singing about Heer, Sassi, Sohni and Sahiban not only did Narinder Biba bring alive the spirit of the woman of Punjab with a romantic soul, filled it with the conviction of truth, gave her the courage to speak, but also gave a perspective into the heart of the lovers.

“When the sheet tear, It can be mended with a patch.
How can you darn the torn sky?
If the husband dies, another one can be found,
But how can one live if the lover dies?”

Unforgettable Romantic Folklore of Punjab
Contains the immortal sagas of
1.Sassi Punnu
2.Heer Ranjha
3.Mirza Sahiban
4.Sohni Mahiwa
5.Mirza Sahiban