Women and Politics Worldwide

Women and Politics Worldwide

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Author: Barbara Nelson
Najma Chowdhury/
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 818
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019565059X


This important book surveys 43 countries and the research definitively demonstrates that in no country do women have political status, access, or influence equal to that enjoyed by men.

This book is the first to analyze the complexities of women's participation on a cross-national scale and proceeds from a feminist perspective. The countries chosen represent a variety of political systems, levels of economic development and regions.

The book begins with an expanded definition of political engagement, an elaboration of the patterns that emerge from the study and description of the methodology and the data collection. The chapters that follow focus on individual countries. In each, the authors describe the political history of, and institutions in the country, summarize the organization of women's movements there, and analyze how groups of women articulate political demands and the response they receive from their government or community.

While the context of activism varies widely, the authors find that the issues that engage women politically are often similar across the glove; these include resistance to militarism, the desire to become equal partners in new democracies, and frustration about their lack of representation in economic development programs.


The volume will be useful to students and teachers of political sociology as well as journalists specializing in women's issues. - - The Hindu

A treasury of information . . Makes a significant contribution to the growing store of knowledge on women and their concerns. - - The Indian Review of Books

The attempt is laudable, the research good, the perspective feminist and the work makes an important reference volume. - - The Statesman


Barbara J Nelson is Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.Najma Chowdhury is Professor of Political Science at Dhaka University , Bangladesh.