Indian Memsahib - The untold story of a bureaucrat's wife

Indian Memsahib - The untold story of a bureaucrat's wife

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Author: Suchita Malik
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 195
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129114396


Indian Memsahib: The untold story of a bureaucrat's wife is an unconventional look into the world of Indian bureaucracy and its fascinating order. The book is a subtle attempt at showing how bureaucracy works in certain ways and brings out the conflict between popularity and credibility.

Indian Memsahib traces Sunaina's journey from being an ambitious girl who wants to live life on her own terms to an 'outsider' bahu in a traditional family setup fighting her lone battle to the trials and tribulations of becoming the wife of Raghu, an upright and honest IAS officer. Naïve and inexperienced at the outset of her life and career, Sunaina looks at life with her own rose-tinted glasses and harbours great notions of living life on her own terms.

Little does she know that destiny is all set to take her through the corridors of power and places where her modern outlook, ideas and fantasies are soon to be juxtaposed with conservative value systems and cold rationality.

Indian Memsahib Makes you live through the excitement, struggles, challenges, apprehensions and all the ups and the downs that define the nuts and bolts of babudom and the life of a bureaucrat’s wife.