Professional Hairstyling

Professional Hairstyling

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Author: Jawed Habib
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 170
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174765130


Since the dawn of civilization, man has given special importance to the fascinating subject of hair care and beauty. It is every man’s endeavour to look his best. A particular hairstyling, which goes with one’s being, enhances the overall personality. Jawed Habib’s book, Professional Hairstyling is equipped with all the details of hairstyling. The book is an asset to the general readers as well as to the aspiring hairstylists seeking to reach heights in this profession.

Nineteen chapters constitute the contents of this book. The first few introduce you to hairstyling and its importance as a career and professional ethics. Methods used in scalp treatments, the art of rising, shampooing and conditioning, implements used in hairstyling are explained in the second half of the book. The third half deals with permanent waving, straightening and hair colour. Salon services, salon personnel, customer care and tips on starting your own salon are explained in the final chapters. The book delves into various types of haircuts, hair treatments and procedures for the same. The book is compact and easy to understand.

Hairstyling is a fascinating and lucrative career today. Fashion and film industry, youth and people from all walks of life are influenced by it. As the title Professional Hairstyling suggests, Jawed Habib attempts to introduce the same to the reader


Hairstyling: A Fascinating Career
Professional Ethics
Personal Hygiene and Personality
Sterilisation and Public Sanitation
Know your Hair
Hair and Nutrition
Scalp Treatment
Hair Rinses and Conditioners
Implements Used in Haircutting
All About Haircuts
Reverse Checking
Permanent Waving
Hair Colouring
Salon Personnel and Services
Customer Care
What it Takes to Start Your Own Salon?