An Introduction to Vedas

An Introduction to Vedas

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Author: Raj Kumar Pruthi
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 313
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174765789


What do you think about a culture which says to its gifted scientists, scholars and architects, 'Nothing for self all for society; which calculated the distance between the sun and the earth and declared that gross atoms are not inert; all this 4000 years ago through transcendental research? And how much developed and structured will the social ethos of such a culture be? As most of the modern psychologists and scientists are discovering, it will definitely be better than the present society we are living in. Should we then not consider the call of, 'Back to Vedas' more seriously?

Vedas hold the solution to the problems plaguing the world today, not only about science but about a good living, about balance, mental health and stress-free life, about total contentment. If only we peruse through the vast world of knowledge contained in the Vedas, we will surely bless our lives with much abundance, satisfaction and peace.

Every shloka in the Vedas is a pearl of wisdom, which we always had and yet cared not to preserve its preciousness. This book is an attempt to bring about in the human thinking today all that is good and promised by the Vedas, the eternal source of wisdom. What is needed in today's knowledge-based world is a change towards wisdom-based world.


Divisions of the Vedas
The Origin and Significance of the Vedas
The Vedic Deities
The Rigveda
The Role of the Vedas
Teaching of the Vedas
Science and the Vedas
Vedic Mathematics
Veda and Natural Law in Agriculture