The Towers of silence - Book Three of the Raj Quartet

The Towers of silence - Book Three of the Raj Quartet

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Author: Paul Scott
Publisher: Arrow
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 424
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0749322314


Writing with enormous wit and compassion, scott shows both the humor and pathos of the last days of the Raj.

As world War II sweeps convulsively into its last bitter stage, the English wives, daughters, mothers and widows of officers embroiled in the on-going conflict gather in the Indian hill station of Pankot. With their old beliefs and assumptions threatened as never before, they look in vain to Captain Merrick and the British military to uphold the myth of British invincibility in the face of irreversible change.


'A veritable Taj Mahal of a book; massive and yet spacious, a monument eloquently expressive of affection and grief. . . Mr. Scott never falters in his control of the his material, which is complex and many-sided. - - Times Literary Supplement

From a work like this . . All who care about fiction should take heart. - - The Times