The Royal Collection of Mewar - Raga: Miya Ki Malhar  (Music CD)

The Royal Collection of Mewar - Raga: Miya Ki Malhar (Music CD)

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Author: Dagar Brothers
Publisher: EMI Music
Year: 2005
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 7243 813127 2 8


DHRUPAD the most extraordinary artistes. First, it is only a deep low sound, which seems to come from the earth, a slow pattern in very long sustained notes. This immobile song, sweet and fervent, calmly arises the hands also awake accompanying the hymn with admirable gestures of prayer, of offering and thanksgiving. Jacques Longchamps, Le Monde, 17-11-64

It became clear however that the singers formed their melodies from deep emotional submersion. They offered sounding meditations, that affected strangely and deeply even those listeners who are not familiar with this kind of music. Telegraf-Berlin, 23-9-64

Of all forms only the noblest, the highest and the purest can cross cultural barriers. This tour of Europe, in the framework of biggest festivals and concert halls, was a total triumph.


Alap and Dhrupad in Choutaal, Aayi Hai Ghata Umad Ghumad: Duration 64 Minutes 36 Seconds

Rendered by
Lata Khan Sahib Ustad Nasir Moinuddin Dagar
& Khan Sahib Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar

Pakhawaj accompaniment by
Shri Purshottamdaji