Scientific Vision of Guru Nanak  (English+Punjabi)

Scientific Vision of Guru Nanak (English+Punjabi)

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Author: Dalvinder Singh Grewal
Publisher: National Book shop
Year: 2008
Language: multilingual
Pages: 255
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171164900


Guru Nanak had not only a great vision but also a very scientific and analytic mind. Through his knowledge and analytical and scientific vision, he propounded certain doctrines which were very new to the world. Most of these are still under study.

Guru Nanak undertook journeys to bring a change and moved from place to place enlightening the people about the truth of life and ultimate reality of humanity. His approach to humanism was analytical, systematic and scientific and his propagation of scientific truth was realistic and humane.

Through inquisition, experience, intuition and super-consciousness, Guru Nanak has answered the most difficult question which the modern science has not been able to answer so far and is not likely to provide the answer if it does not change the methodology of inquiry. Guru Nanak cleared various doubts and decried fallacies and gave answers which, are certainly going to be the guiding light for the future inquiries hence need the due attention of the scientific world at large.

A few of the fallacies prevalent during Guru Nanak's time are given hereunder as examples:

1. The God took six days to create the universe and on seventh day He observed holiday
2. The present form of man is the result of various biological changes in other beings.
3. The earth is settled on the horns of a bull.
4. The Sun and the earth are stationary.
5. Only human beings have life.
6. Not one but there are many Gods.
7. Moon has its own light.
8. The end of the Universe can be calculated.
9. Man's death is biological. There is no rebirth after death.
10 There is no spirit other than in the body.

Guru Nanak has explained the above fallacies very scientifically. Theses answers have stood the test of time since.


Guru Nanak’s Answer to some Unanswered Questions
Finding Truth
Guru Nanak’s Methodology of Finding
Guru Nanak and Science
Theories, Concepts and Doctrines Propounded by Guru Nanak
The Divine Order
Divine Light in the Hymns of Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak’s Theory of Energy
Theory of Developmental Assimililiatory Creation
Sound as Source of Creation & Ultimate Assimiliation