Parkinson & Paralysis    (DVD in Hindi & English)

Parkinson & Paralysis (DVD in Hindi & English)

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Author: Swami Ramdev
Publisher: Divya Video
Year: 2007
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): DVD31


Cure through Yog, Ayurved, Acupressure and home remedies for paralysis, polio, tremor and problems such as clot in brain and veins.

Fluctuating blood pressure, stress, paralysis and problems arising from excessive use of medicines have been cured through pranayam and natural remedies. This DVD contains knowledge of that proven method of traditional and scientific treatment.

Some patients may get immediate relief in diseases like paralysis while others may have to strive for a year or more. Strong will power, determination, and regular practice of the techniques elucidated in this DVD will definitely lead to positive results