Maestro's Best   -  Flute   (Music CD)

Maestro's Best - Flute (Music CD)

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Author: Ronu Majumdar
Contributor(s)/Artiste(s): Ramdas Palsule/Kavi Narayan Agrawal
Publisher: N A Classical/ BMG
Year: 2007
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): NACCD 1068


This CD carries following tracks: R

Raag Kirwani - Alap Jod

Raag Saraswati - Vilambit, Gat in Rupak Taal, 7 Beats & Drut Gat in Ek Taal 12 Beats

Bhajans: Thrumak Chalat Ramchandra, Taal Dadra , 6 Beats

Rang Kirwani is a melody of Carnatic origin. It is a Sanskrit word which means the sound of the peacock. The raag is indescribably sweet. Yet there is a tinge of melancholy to it. Especially because of the komal ga & komal dha Pt.Manjumdar’s technical excellence comes through as he traverses the ascent & decent of the raag.

Raag saraswati is another raag of Carnatic origin. With its stress on the note teevra ‘ma’ it assumes a different color. The credit for bringing this raag into the orbit of Hindustani instrumental music goes to the sarangi maestro Pt. Ramnarayan. Pt. Ronu Majumdar presents the raag in a very compact and melodious manner.

The Bhajan which the Bansuri wizard plays here is none other than the one immortalized by the late Pt.D.V. Paluskar ‘Thumak Chalat Ramchandra’ was written by the saint poet Tulsidas. It literally overflows with the sentiment of affection for Lord Ram. Pt. Majumdar plays it with feeling.