Imagine the India That Can Be

Imagine the India That Can Be

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Author: Manmohan Singh
Sonia Gandhi/Eminent Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Namita Bhandare
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 229
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174366227


The Hindustan Times Leadership Sumit is a forum for leading thinkers and doers to share their ideas for a better world. The annual sumit has become a platform for debate and civil society interact with an invited audience to present their vision for the world.

Recognizing the new position of a globalized India, the fifth sumit expanded on the idea of India with its theme: Imagine the India That Can Be. Held in New Delhi over two days in October 2007, speakers included Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Sonia Gandhi, Director General of the IAEA Dr. Mohamed EIBaradei, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, corporate heads Nandan M. Nilekani, Harish Manwani and Rajashree Birla, climate change experts prof Daniel Schrag and Dr V. Ramanathan, Former Florida governor jeb Bush, Pakistani politician Imran Khan, actor Shah Rukh khan, social activist entertainer Sri bob Geldof and Journalists Robert James Thomson, Marcus Brauchli and Nik Gowing.


‘The position of the government and my position is that we are working in a coalition. We are committed to the people to work for them for the full term…..We will work towards bringing about a consensus with the Left…The Left has a certain ideology and a certain view on certain issues. I don’t think they are being unreasonable. They are merely stating their views. We have to take note of what they feel and what they say.’
-Sonia Gandhi President, Indian National Congress

‘It is my belief that the threat of terrorism, which the world is facing today, is because of this holier-than-thou feeling; that my community is better than yours. When this feeling is there, it gives birth to conflict and this conflict leads to terrorism. Hinduism is the only religion which says that you can believe in whatever God you want to and yet you will attain God. This is the Hindu philosophy. If you don’t understand this and start questioning it, problems are created’.
-Narendra Modi Chif Minister of Gujarat


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