Images of the World  -  Essays on Religion, Secularism, and Culture

Images of the World - Essays on Religion, Secularism, and Culture

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Author: T N Madan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 398
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195698347


This Collection engages with the persistence of religion in the modern world. A core idea that binds the essays together is the understanding—supported by a vast body of historical and social science research—that despite the rise of the processes of rationalization, secularization, and cultural change, religion still occupies a significant place in the lives of most people in India.


‘…a useful and engaging collection of public addresses and writings produced over a period of roughly twenty years…[The book] represents a continuing exploration of the significance of culture, ethnicity and secularism by one of India’s foremost sociologists.’ —Amiya P. Sen, The Book Review

‘This rich collection of essays by T.N. Madan, one of India’s most distinguished social scientists, is a welcome contribution…[it] deserves a wide audience…Madan has never tried to avoid controversy, and one of the pleasures of this book is arguing with him.’
—Martha Nussbaum, Economic and Political Weekly

‘As sociologist and anthropologist and as a fieldworker, and interpreter of texts, Madan displays considerable ease and expertise, always striking a balance between the theoretical and the empirical. At the heart of his method is the excellent use of the comparative approach and this is, beyond the other insights of the volume, the most important feature of this book.’
—Rowena Robinson, Contributions to Indian Sociology


Religion and Secularism
Religious and Secular Identities
Religious Traditions and Values
Cultural Tradition and Conceptual Categories.