The Art of Cocktail - Making

The Art of Cocktail - Making

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Author: Luigi Marcialis
Director/Composer/Narrator: Feijo y A Moll/Nadia Drandov/ Marcialis Firo Foto
Publisher: Idea Books, S.A.
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 333
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8482361805


For amateur cocktail-fanciers, The Art of Cocktail-Making is an indispensable book which will teach them everything they need to know about this marvelous noble art. It is a book good enough to become a classic.

Apart from the richness of the resources that the writer has drawn on, what has made this book a masterpiece is the excellence of the editing, the way in which the subject has been approached, the care taken with the pritning and above all, the over presertnation.

The most important cocktails, from the finest barmen in the world, are detailed in this book. The copious pictures and photographs showing many of the cocktails described will serve the triple purpose of jugging the barman's memory, encouraging the amateur to try making them, and tempting everyone else to drink them. In short this work has helped to bring cocktail-making into the enormous shop window that the world market represents.

The true cocktail drinker will never drink too much, since he prefers quality tyo quantity; he can spend all evening with one cocktail, savouring sip by sip all the art, the history and experience of so many cocktail barmen who have worked so hard thrugh the years, just so that he could enjoy the pleasure of a good cocktail.


Rules for the Perfect Barman
Type of Cocktails

The Cocktail Recipes
Fermented but not Distilled Alcoholic Drinks
Distilled Alcoholic Drinks
Fermented and Distilled Drinks through the centuries
Cocktails of Gin
Bourbon, Whiskey and Scotch Cocktails
Liqueurs and Digestives Cocktails
Rum Cocktails
Vodka Cocktails
Cocktails of Wines, Champagne and Sparkling Wines
Low and Non Alcoholic Drinks
Tequila Cocktails
On the Rocks
Cocktails of Aperitifs
Beers and Ales Cocktails
Brandy and Cognac Cocktails
Remember That

Index of Cocktails