Sri Ramana -  Friend of Animals  (Lakshmi, the Cow)

Sri Ramana - Friend of Animals (Lakshmi, the Cow)

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Author: Prani Mitra Bhagavan Ramanar
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam
Year: 2008
Language: English
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8182880181


When devotees of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi inquired as to how to identify a jnani he replied: it is one who has equanimity in all situations and compassion for all living beings, including animals, birds, and insects.

Among the devotees of Bhagavan Sri Ramana who experienced the bliss of his presence were a number of animals. Valli the Deer, Jackie the Dog and Lakshmi the Cow are noteworthy as Bhagavan had shrines constructed for all three of them.

And while it is believed that in the presence of bhagavan liberation can be bestowed on any devotee, the case of cow Lakshmi is the most outstanding for according to Bhagavan it is Lakshmi and Bhagavan’s mother, Alagammal; who attained liberation.

While some of the dialogues are imaginary, the basic outline is true to the original account and follows the known events of Lakshmi’s life. Adapted from Hari Hara Subramanian’s prani Mitra bhagavan Ramanar, amendments, deletions and supplemental’s narration have been provided for this English edition in the interest of more faithfully approximating the historical record.

Many imagine that moksha occurs only in humans but in June 1948 Lakshmi the Cow attained liberation in the arms of her master, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Loved by all for her abiding devotion, She was acknowledged by Bhagavan and devotees even in her own time. Once in reference to the animals that live in our midst’s Bhagavan said: ‘We do not know what part of their karmas they seek our company’.

Lakshmi surely came only to be at the feet of her guru and seek complete release by his grace. Gentle, charming and lovable, Lakshmi is a personality that one cannot help but adore and whose life story is both entertaining & inspiring


Chapter 1: A Calf’s First Visit
Chapter 2: Daily Visits to the Ashram
Chapter 3: Lakshmi Comes For Good
Chapter 4: Lakshmi Gets in Trouble
Chapter 5: Lakshmi gets her Place!
Chapter 6: Special Occasions
Chapter 7: Lakshmi Falls Sick
Chapter 8: Mahanirvana
Epilogue: Remembrances of Lakshmi the Cow

Appendix 1: The Last Days of the Black Cow
The Story of a small Calf in Worship
Appendix 2: Verses on Lakshmi:
The History of Cow Lakshmi
The Liberation of Lakshmi
Appendix 3: On the Liberation of Animals
Appendix 4: A Note on the Historical Lakshmi
A Time of Key Events