An Introduction to Islamic Science

An Introduction to Islamic Science

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Author: P A Wahid
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 264
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174355685


This book introduces Islamic Science in a comprehensive manner laying down its basic principles and signifying its overwhelming scope for explaining the mundane and spiritual issues. The compute concept of the universe provides the foundation for Islamic Science.

The book identified certain theories in science that are against the spirit of Islam. It also points out certain Quranic messages for which current scientific knowledge is inadequate to explain. The dissolution of the boundary between religion and science takes Islamic Science into the realm of the Hereafter. The Scriptural references on th4se aspects and the purpose of human life have been scientifically examined and explained within the framework of the Quran.

The modern concept of molecular gene is rejected and a new field of science Biomemetics is introduced as the science of life. The book projects Islamic Science as the future science.


Glossary and Abbreviations


Fundamentals of Islamic Science
Divine Governance of the Universe
Energy - The Divine Cosmic Software
Biomemetics - Science of Life
Programmed Evolution of the Cosmos
Programmed Organic Evolution
Adam's Nafs - The Human Microbioprogram
Man - Abdullah - Allah's Robot
Evolution of Human Biodiversity
Secular Knowledge
Divine Purpose of the Universe
Human Robot Testing Programme
The Next Universe
The Future Science